IMS Stuttgart workshop: recent advances in ChangeIsKey!


This workshop delved into the captivating realm of semantic change, where language’s dynamic nature is exhibited through shifts in word meanings over time. Hosted by Dr Dominik Schlechtweg at the University of Stuttgart (IMS) several presentations (listed below) showcased recent advances in the Change Is Key! programme and fostered collaboration between consortium members.

Aug 24, 2023 1:00 PM — 5:00 PM
Stuttgart, Germany


  • Nina Tahmasebi: Introduction
  • Stefano De Pascale: Progress on prototype project: core expansion in new words in Dutch
  • Haim Dubossarsky: Presentation of supervised student theses
  • Dominik Schlechtweg: The operationalization of word senses
  • Pauline Sander: DURel - Transitioning to Large-Scale Annotation
  • Nash Whaley: Measuring Semantic Relations
  • Jonathan Lautenschlager: Detection of Non-recorded Senses
  • Tuo Zhang: An ordinal formulation of the Word-in-Context task
  • Simon Hengchen: Newspapers meet datasets: the case of kubhist2
  • Francesco Periti: Text Reuse Analysis
  • Bill Noble: Approaching lexical semantic change detection across many time periods: Motivations and challenges
  • Shafqat Mumtaz Virk: Towards explainable WiC