Kick-Off Conference Day


The program kick-off will take place in September and on the second day we will have a series of talks by the program members, where each member presents their research. We will also introduce the program as a whole!

Sep 8, 2022 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Change is Key! Conference Day
Humanisten, Gothenburg, Sweden

You can find more information on Registration Form. Come join us!

9:30-10:00Nina TahmasebiProgram Introduction
10:00–10:30Haim DubossarskyThe limit(less) potential of NLP methods in advancing cross disciplinary research
10:30–11:00Dominik SchlechtwegDURel Annotation Tool - Prospects on a Workbench for Lexicographers
11:00-11:30Fika Break
11:30–12:00Dirk GeeraertsCognitive Semantics and Lexical Change
12:00–12:30Stefano de PascaleMeaning Change in Token Space: A Token-Based Computational Approach to Diachronic Prototype Semantics
12:30-14:00LunchRestaurang Näckros, Humanisten
14:00–14:30Mia LiinasonJust Language? A Case Study on the Impact of Emancipatory Language Change on Cultural Transformation, and How Shifts in Values and Norms Influence the Use of Language
14:30–15:00Mats MalmThe Second Industrial Revolution Viewed Through the Digital Revolution
15:00–15:30Emma SköldbergSemantic Change in Swedish from a Lexicographic Perspective
15:30-16:00Fika Break
16:00–16:30Adam JatowtTowards Automatically Answering Complex Questions over Diachronic Document Collections
16:30–17:00Claes OhlssonThe Market Language: Studies in the Discourse about Markets from Medieval to Modern Times
Change Is Key!
Change Is Key!